Working with Python

Implementing Maildown in your Python projects

Working with Python

Maildown is designed to be used as a CLI tool. However, it is built entirely in Python, and its possible to easily integrate it with your Python projects too.

Setting credentials

When you first install Maildown, as explained in the Getting started guide, you’ll need to run the maildown init command. This stores your AWS credentials to your local environment. Assuming you run the command in the same Python environment as your project, this will also set your configuration for the Python library too. Alternatively, you can use the Python library to store your AWS credentials as follows:

from maildown import utilities as md


Verifying email addresses

You can ask Maildown to send a verification email to a new email address as follows:

from maildown import utilities as md


The above command sends an email to As with the CLI, clicking on the email in this link verifies your ownership of that address, and allows you to send emails from it.

Sending emails

As in the CLI equivalent, the send_message method allows you to supply either a file path, or string content as the email body

from maildown import utilities as md

    to=['', ''],